@manton loved how poetic and rhythmical the writing in this book was. Such a joy to read.

@rknightuk oh that looks great! already recognised a few scenes just from the trailer.

@manton love it! I can really see how checkins could be useful for both MB and Sunlit. P.s. tiny homepage typo: 'airpots'

@adders I’ve always wondered what self hosting this would be like. Are there any specific hosting reqs? Who do you use?

@sod that’s a beautiful atrocity 😂 Nice work!

@pimoore get well soon Pete! Hope you power through it quickly, whatever it is.

@Mikehendley just been browsing your feed and has really reinspired me to get the watercolours out, so thank you!

@Mikehendley wow this is just beautiful. Can totally see where the time went. Trying to imagine where even to start learning to draw fur!

@aa beautiful!! What’s the flap on the left? A pocket?

@benwerd congratulations 👏 what a cutie! Those little blocks are such a good idea.

@pimoore if you’d told me 10 years ago that I would be mainly shooting with my phone I’d have laughed at you. Going to try just using my iPhone for a while instead of getting a new camera - it covers 90% of what I want to do!

@mdrockwell going to take some getting used to!

@lukebouch lovely shots! Really captures the feel of the place (even though I’ve never been 🙂)

@roobottom lunch looks amazing!

@manton his newsletter is great also! www.robinsloan.com

@Clonmeldigital @mejh Nice to hear! Conversion sounds good 👌 if I go this route I will probably use both for a while, but that library integration looks great.

@Clonmeldigital Ah nice. I was actually looking at my clippings file yesterday so might check readwise out

@Munish overcast also worth a look

@alpower nice Lock Screen touches from the Apple Watch UI design

@jessekelber 👍

@jessekelber you don’t happen to wear glasses do you? Wondering what they are like with.

@jessekelber cheers. I've got a pair of old wired sennheisers so nice to see there are some wireless options.

@roobottom I've got a probably 10 year old pair of Bose QCs that have died, but were super comfy, especially for a glasses wearer. Still haven't found many that work well with glasses.

@jessekelber links would be great thank you!

@lukebouch ah nice. A friend also recommended the Max, so might have a look into that - thanks. I'm just about to start a new remote job, so they might be worth the investment if I use them a lot.

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